Godspeed Horse Hostel Inc is a not for profit 501c3 horse rescue founded in 2004. Since its founding, we have rescued and rehabilitated hundreds of animals and expanded our scope to include all animals. Our local resources available include a hay bank, pet food pantry,  and supplies for wildlife rehabilitators.......all still free within our service area.


In addition, Animal Welfare Outreach and Education has become our recent initiative to aid your efforts to assist animals. We have provided you with the very best and current information, contacts and consulting organizations for help with humane education, animal cruelty reporting, animal law enforcement, and lobbying and legislation for animals. 


Either through Godspeed Horse Hostel or Animal Outreach and Education, we are out in the field everyday to provide both hands-on and educational services to protect animals and prevent cruelty. We appreciate everything you are doing for animals and are here to assist and advise.